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eQR Securities

eQR Securities Pty Ltd (EQRS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westpac and part of BT Financial Group. eQR Securities combines the strengths of over 200 professionals including, economists, strategists, portfolio managers and analysts across it’s internal and external network and strategic research partnerships. eQR Securities’ extensive network is enriched through the combined resourcing of Westpac Institutional Bank, BT Financial Group and strategic relationships with leading global research and information providers.

eQR Securities provides non-conflicting securities research and operates independently of the investment-banking group and is not influenced by proprietary trading, corporate-finance requirements or management interference.

The EQRS research package provides access to research on over 190 securities across the S&P/ASX200 index. Centric to eQR Securities’ research philosophy is the view that establishing and maintaining a structured process to identify securities with strong fundamentals, low probability of ‘failing’ and a favourable outlook relative to price will allow market imperfections to be exploited through an investment cycle, and assist with long term wealth creation strategies.

“eQR Securities believes that a company’s long-term fundamental value is defined by the discounted cash flow of its future earnings and cashflows, adjusted for the risk of those earnings”

A robust risk management framework is essential in identifying securities with key fail points, both on a relative and absolute basis. Investment decisions should focus on the need for capital preservation and a sustainable risk adjusted returns through an investment cycle over the medium to longer term.

A deep understanding of investment markets, prevailing economic conditions and company fundamentals, and applying this to a disciplined stock review process in our view provides the potential for a superior investment outcome over the long term. It also provides the framework in which we can minimises the risk of major loss. Deeply embedded into the equities research process is the focus to look beyond short-term market dynamics and focus on long-term macro thematics and the impact on financial asset market risks and returns.

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