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Are You Facing Redundancy and Not Sure What to Do?

There is nothing more stressful than losing your job. The uncertainty that this brings will have an impact on your entire family, so it is in critical times like these that you should take advantage of expert financial advice. Enlightened Financial Solutions can lessen the worry and provide you with strategies and investment options to get you back on track, as well as methods to protect and grow your wealth. If you plan to find another job, there may be financial assistance available to you. If you plan to take this opportunity to retire early, there are various schemes and concessions that could be of benefit. With the right advice, you can make the most of this situation.

Expert Financial Advice for Redundancy and Early Retirement

You’ll want to consider a few factors when facing redundancy:

  • Which Centrelink benefits will you be eligible for, and when can you claim them?
  • How will redundancy affect your life insurance and super contributions?
  • Can your termination payment be rolled into your super fund, and is this the right move?
  • How will this affect the management of any debts?

If you are still working and are facing redundancy, an EFS advisor can help you to optimise your payout structure and what you can expect from this. You may be eligible for an early retirement scheme and its associated tax benefits. We can advise on how to structure your finances to support your lifestyle and financial goals both now and into the future.

Have Questions About Your Redundancy?

If you have any questions about your redundancy or early retirement, now is the ideal time to make an appointment with EFS. It’s also best to see an advisor before you leave work through redundancy, so we can help to maximise the advantages for you. Whether you plan to retire or continue in your career, this could be a valuable opportunity to take stock of your financial situation and set a strategy in place. Call EFS now to book a complimentary appointment and take some of the stress out of redundancy.

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