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Annual Review

The annual review is the most vital component in the financial planning process. The purpose is to ensure that our plan for you is still doing what it was designed to do. Financial planning is an ongoing process so it is important to reassess your goals and ensure you continue on the appropriate financial path.

Annual-Review-ServiceIn the financial planning review process, we will provide the following services and access your financial plan accordingly.

  • Review your planning needs and objectives
  • Review your income and expenses, your family situation, health and insurance needs
  • Comparison of your financial position from your last review
  • Review and discuss any changes to the economic environment and relevant legislation changes that may affect your strategy.
  • Review investment and superannuation portfolio performance, your taxation position and any opportunities to reduce your tax.
  • Discuss your investment opportunities
  • Discuss future strategy options
  • Review the cost of any additional Statements of Advice.

In summary, the annual review service is imperative. Together with your life planner, you will be able to seek ongoing financial advice, tailor made

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