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A key point of difference from our competitors is the way we incorporate property into our financial advice. We understand that many people would like some property exposure as part of their overall asset allocation and we embrace this.

Our advice has evolved over time to help our client’s navigate the property decision. We do not give advice on the asset itself, we use the professional services of an independent buyers agent. A Buyers agent are licensed property professionals that represent investors in purchasing their properties. A buyer’s agent works exclusively for the buyer, negotiating the best possible price, terms and conditions whereas the selling agent works for and is obliged to get the best deal for the seller. The advantage of a buyer’s agent is they can save you time, money and stress by helping you purchase a property. The buyers agents that we deal with charge a fixed price for their professional services and do not receive commissions or any income from developers.

Our role as the financial adviser is to help guide client’s in the purchase of property. It is therefore important for us to understand your financial position, your existing investments and your future goals. We will then work out what you can afford and then facilitate the conversation with a buyer’s agent and give them the parameters of purchase. Through this diligent process we can make sure you purchase the right property based on investment rather then emotion.

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