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We first approached James Wortley of Enlightened Financial Solutions (previously Magnitude) several years ago for financial advice, as we were approaching retirement and had no idea what was needed to set in place a retirement plan.

Prior to seeing James, we had consulted with the bank and attended retirement seminars, and always had come away feeling depressed, thinking we could never afford to retire at all.

We found James and also his amazing staff extremely helpful with advice and service.

Consequently, he set things in place for us, so we could then begin to think about retirement. We followed his advice and suggestions for the next couple of years and were put in a much better financial position for our retirement. His advice was always explained in a manner in which we could understand. He knew we were quite conservative and did not put pressure on us to take on anything that we disagreed with.

We know that he is the expert and we put our faith in his judgment and have to say that in our opinion he did not let us down in any way.

We are now retired and, due to our trust in him and his firm, we would not have been able to get ourselves in the same financial position as we are at present.

Of course, in addition to us feeling a little more secure about our future, his continued support with dealing with our affairs makes our retirement more enjoyable.

With thanks and best wishes to him and his staff,


James Wortley has been our financial planner now since 2002. In this time James’s market knowledge and guidance has seen our personal financial situation go from strength to strength. James expertise and professionalism go hand in hand with his exceptional customer service skills. James goes out of his way to ensure your financial goals are what leads his planning / recommendations and all with a no pressure atmosphere. Both my wife and I would highly recommend James and Enlightened Financial Solutions to any prospective client.

Brian and Michelle Hughes

James Wortley has been our financial adviser for several years and keeps us advised with the latest financial information providing plenty of opportunities for us to meet with guest financial leaders.

James and his friendly staff are always available to answer any queries we may have.

We are certainly very happy with the service provided by Enlightened Financial Solutions.

Alice Bartolo

After another year of paying the tax department another huge wad of cash, our new accountant suggested we meet with an associate of hers; a financial planner: James Wortley.

Having learnt to be cautious when dealing with money, we were both hesitant, but knew we needed help. We all meet at the accountants office. And to be honest, we have never looked back since. To say our finances have turned around is an understatement. We were surviving, but we really had no idea how to make the best possible advantage of the income we had. We now are able to save, to make additional payments on mortgages, to invest in property and to still get a good tax return. Our retirement future has never looked better. We are not going without, we have just been; to think of a better word “planned”.

We are both very happy to say we are clients of James, he is not a salesman, we truly believe he has our best interests in mind, and we happily recommend him to our friends.

Trish & Jeff

With Scott’s advice, we have much more money at our disposal after implementing his tax effective strategies.  We loved that the implementation of the strategies will have our properties paid off within five years and that we have a tax free income stream going forward.  We would definitely recommend the service and advice from Scott and Enlightened Financial Solutions.

Bob and Chris McKinstry

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