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Trish & Jeff

After another year of paying the tax department another huge wad of cash, our new accountant suggested we meet with an associate of hers; a financial planner: James Wortley.

Having learnt to be cautious when dealing with money, we were both hesitant, but knew we needed help. We all meet at the accountants office. And to be honest, we have never looked back since. To say our finances have turned around is an understatement. We were surviving, but we really had no idea how to make the best possible advantage of the income we had. We now are able to save, to make additional payments on mortgages, to invest in property and to still get a good tax return. Our retirement future has never looked better. We are not going without, we have just been; to think of a better word “planned”.

We are both very happy to say we are clients of James, he is not a salesman, we truly believe he has our best interests in mind, and we happily recommend him to our friends.

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